Jan 20, 2016

Hadza Qalbun Jadid


The first time I've imagined to attend 2015's Muktamar, I could not think how would I feel. It would be so different compared to when I joined last time when I was unmarried with no child, so carefree to go anywhere. Plus I am now one of the super seniors among the Malaysian students. 

It IS different. Time changed.

Last week when I hold my usrah Qalbun Jadid, we shared our reflections during winter break. Some of us did not go anywhere (I mean, travelling), some did go from east to west of the States (like there's no other time to go to the other side of the world :P)

See, now we bring our kids to Muktamar!

Beginning with Muktamar, most of us helped volunteering for the event. Becoming a PA for the speaker, cik N1 learned a lot - from handling things technically and formally until getting a lot of personal sharing from the speaker. It's one of the chance that you can be very close to a well known person to gain as much as you can. And all the chaos happened during the muktamar - haha.. it's common to have such things (or maybe it's just me who always feel 'gelabah' when things don't work the way it should haha..)

Traveling is not just driving or riding a vehicle and sight-seeing when you go with a group of people. And imagine going with 5-6 cars together to the same place! It's fun, but yet can be a hassle if not handled properly. :p Cik M and Cik N2, even myself realized that having different opinions to make a decision is an art (eh yeke?) or decision making. Cik M learned that even if you are a peacemaker, you still need to contribute something to your travel-mates - not just agree and follow. hehe.. And being a group leader, cik N2 finds that it is a challenge for her to satisfy each person in the group. 

There we learned. Musafir is where you learn who our sisters really are. 

And by staying at home too, cik A1 and cik A2 actually did something about themselves and people around them. We were (and are now... :) ) so busy struggling with our studies, job, and DnT, sometimes we don't have time to get to know our true selves and people. Somehow when there's an event happened, only then we realized that we still don't know a simple thing.

Cik L, finally, had a diverse experience where she spent her winter break tadabbur-ing the 'alam on an island. Seeing how a volcano 'lights up' like a flood of lights at night, it's not exaggerating to say how can you deny Allah is the Creator of the universe? 

Wherever we go, whatever we do, apart from your normal schedule, there is so much things to learn and improve yourselves. We have guidelines from the Quran and Sunnah - check the 10 Muslim characteristics, aim what you want to achieve.

Being a da'ie/ah, who says you can't get a productive winter break? It's actually in you ;)

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